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app is Awesome

app promises a truly extensive array of Content with both Audio and Video function; Dating back decades to the Present day, the bulk of Content covers varying styles and genres.

First and foremost are the app Originals. These imaginative and innovative productions of app include; drama-series, comedy sketches, fashion & beauty segments, music videos/shows, food & restaurant reviews, documentaries, spoof pieces and endlessly-exciting ideas in the experimental stages.

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A major chunk of Content include; diverse programs from the Archives of TVM and Dhivehi Raajjeyge’ Adu throughout the decades to the present - (thanks to the exclusive deal between app and PSM).

Other Content covers wide-ranging material produced and/or owned by private groups/collectors over many years (such as Fariva Films & Villa TV) and include; Dhivehi movies, comedies#, song videos, documentaries, music shows and the like.

no. 1 streaming app in maldives.

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